What is the first online lesson like?
In the first session, the primary focus is getting to know the student. We delve into their musical journey by exploring their skill level, musical background, and preferences. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal. For pianists, the aim is to leave the first having mastered at least one song! You don't need to worry about gathering materials beforehand; I'll send everything you need via email. Just ensure you have the materials printed, a computer, phone, or tablet, and a stable internet connection.
What do you teach?
If the student is a beginner, we will start with the basics, but where we go from there is up to the student. Whether they're inclined towards a specific piano style, wish to venture into composition, or desire to learn the latest Taylor Swift hit, the choice is theirs! I'm also able to tutor in music theory for students in AP theory or other high school level classes, or college level music majors. 
Who do you teach?
All age groups are welcome! I've worked with toddlers as young as 3 to adults in their 60s. I'm committed to teach anyone eager and ready to learn.
How do online lessons work?
I teach through Zoom. During the first lesson we will talk about setting up your computer, phone or tablet for a piano lesson to properly view your piano or keyboard. For composition and theory lessons, I will share my screen to go over exercises and teach concepts. Parents and students will receive emails about homework or any materials they will need. 
What are the assignments like?
For my young students, I normally use the Faber Piano Adventures books during lessons. Most assignments will come from that series, including the lesson, theory, technique, and performance books for each level. For my older students, it just depends on their age, skill level, and goals. All the books I select are found in most music stores or available to order online. Occasionally I will assign work from other materials, but that will be emailed as a PDF to print before the lesson.
Can a parent sit in on the private lesson?
Absolutely! I even recommend it for the first lesson. I want the parents to fully understand how the lessons are structured and how homework is assigned so they can best help their child succeed. 
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